Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrading System Produd Suppliers of PRORIG

Stainless steel wire balustrading is a popular and modern type of balustrading that is not only practical and safe but offers clean lines and a professional appearance. At Stallion Stainless we only offer the best quality stainless steel wire balustrade fittings which are why we are proud suppliers of ProRig professional wire balustrading systems. Most wire balustrading fittings can be easily adapted to suit timber or stainless steel posts.

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ProRig Standard DIY System ProRig Jaw Swage Bottlescrew System
ProRig Insert Swage Stud System ProRig Tensioner Swage Stud System
ProRig Insert Tension Rod System ProRig Nutsert Tension Rod System
ProRig Law Screw Swage System ProRig Nutsert Swage Stud System
ProRig Lag Swage Bottlescrew System

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Stainless Wire Balustrading System

Wire RopeProRig® Wire Rope To ensure complete quality of your stainless steel wire balustrade system it is highly recommended that ProRig® wire rope is used with your wire ProRig® balustrade system.

3mm 1×19 wire is the least flexible wire and because of this it’s ideal for balustrade wire. You can’t use this wire for hand swaging though as its too rigid.

3mm 7×7 strand wire is semi flexible and is the best choice wire for hand swaging of balustrade wires.

3mm 7×19 strand wire is very flexible and can be used when the wire needs to turn tight corners.

Tools For DIY Installation

We have a variety of tools available for purchase for the use in correct and accurate DIY installation. All you need to do is purchase the wire and fittings.

HS-14CR HS-14CR – Used with Standard DIY System
WRC-4CR WRC-4CR – Cutters can be used with all DIY balustrade systems – cuts up to 4mm
HX-50 HX-50 – Used with Nutsert/ Insert Tension Rod Systems
PL-10 PL-10 – Used with Nutsert/ Insert Tension Rod Systems
HN-02 HN-02 – Used with Nutsert Tension Rod System/ Nutsert swage stud system/ or where nut rivets are required to be inserted in posts.