Premium Products – High Quality

We have a reputation as a premier manufacturer and installer of stainless steel staircases, pool and glass balustrading which is based on exceptional service, high quality and pride in our workmanship. Our team is committed to ensure a high quality service is provided and will work hand in hand with the customer to ensure total satisfaction.

Not only do we provide our services as manufacturers and installers but we also provide premium parts and hardware for stainless steel balustrading, pool fencing, DIY balustrading and other various staircase components. We have a built in quality control system which ensures that strict standards are maintained during the manufacturing phase to produce high quality products. Our imported products are certified to meet Australian Standards and certificates of analysis are obtained to certify the standard of stainless steel.


Stallion Stainless is committed to providing high quality products therefore, if it is determined that any goods purchased are defective, Stallion Stainless will replace or refund the returned products. We provide a 12 month warranty for any manufacturing faults for all our stainless steel staircases, pool and glass balustrading manufactured and installed by Stallion Stainless.

Designing and Quoting

Our team of specialists are able to provide a quote from architect drawings or make an appointment for a site visit / measurement. Choose your own design or let us help you design a staircase or balustrading to suit your home and budget. We take pride in our responsiveness and commitment to you.