Prefabricated Steel & Timber DIY Staircases

Our DIY staircases are usually packaged pre-fitted ready for delivery inter-state or regional WA. To pre-make these staircases, it is very simple and all that is needed is a basic sketch and the dimensions. In some instances, we can arrange for the dimensions to be measured by our skilled tradespeople to ensure a high quality and accurate product is manufactured. The prefabricated DIY staircases can come with any of our DIY balustrading options and the more popular timbers used for the treads are: 

  • Jarrah;
  • Victorian Ash;
  • Malaysian Cherry; and
  • American Oak.

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DIY Timber Staircase Example Prefabricated Timber DIY Staircase Example
Single Spine Steel Stringer with She-Oak Treads
DIY Staircase Example

Custom Made Prefabricated
DIY Staircases for Easy Installation

Our prefabricated DIY staircases are easy to install
and if requested, come with installation
instructions. Or, in certain circumstances, we
can arrange for our skilled tradespeople to
provide assistance.

All prefabricated DIY staircases are manufactured
to Australian Standards.

DIY Stainless Steel Example

Sleek and

modern stainless

steel stringer

Auto-cad drawings can be generated upon request.

Prefabricated in the factory prior to installation

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Sleek and modern stainless steel stringer