Stainless Steel Staircases

Most of us probably take our staircase for granted and think of it as a simple way to ascend or descend between floors. This is why at Stallion Stainless we have developed our range of DIY stainless steel staircases which offer an open and modern look to your home. Our central steel spines provide a minimal look to your staircase and are hassle free and easy for the home handy person to install. We ensure every staircase is manufactured with precision before it is delivered to you to ensure installation goes smoothly. Our DIY stainless steel handrails are only manufactured from high quality 316 grade stainless steel and heavy duty Australian steel. We are currently developing a new riser for our DIY staircases which is shaped like a shark fin and is fully adjustable from 32 to 38 degrees. This will mean that our DIY staircases will suit a larger range and layout of stairwells. We also have a number of DIY stainless steel balustrading designs such as DIY glass balustrading and DIY stainless steel balustrading that can be selected to accentuate the central steel spine staircase.

DIY Stainless Steel Glass Balustrades

Prefabricated Steel & Timber Staircases

Prefabricated Stainless Steel & Glass Staircases


Our prefabricated steel / timber and stainless steel / glass staircases are manufactured and pre-fitted to ensure the staircase will fit your stairwell and is easy to install for the everyday home owner or can be installed by a qualified trades person. As mentioned above, our DIY stainless steel balustrading and DIY glass balustrading ranges can be used on all our prefabricated staircases. Our prefabricated staircases can be manufactured to suit all applications and stairwells and are made to meet Australian Standards. At Stallion Stainless, we have over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing staircases, balustrade or handrails therefore, when it comes to designing your prefabricated staircase we can ensure your design is not only safe but will make a stunning impact on your home.