Glass Balustrading & DIY Glass Balustrade

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Glass balustrading has numerous aesthetic advantages. It provides a stylish and slick impression and offers a great effect in the radiant sunshine plus provides a light and modern yet still sophisticated touch to any stairwell or home. We offer two styles of glass balustrading which are the fully frameless and semi framless glass balsutrading ranges.

Our fully frameless glass balustrading range uses 12mm clear toughened glass that is held in position by our custom designed round or square spigots. We have the option of fixing a handrail by use of handrail brackets on the side of the balustrading or a slotted handrail that fits on top of the balustrading. The semi frameless glass balustrading uses 10mm clear toughened glass that is held in position by the use of glass clamps which are affixed to stainless steel posts. The components / hardware for both glass balustrading ranges comes in either a square or round shape 316 grade stainless steel in either mirror or satin finish.

DIY Glass Balustrade

Our glass balustrading can be either installed by a qualified trades person or we offer a DIY Glass Balustrade range which is easy to install for the handy home owner. We supply all fixtures such as screws and fasteners with our DIY range to ensure the balustrading will be strong and secure when installed.

We currently hold in stock a large supply of glass panels in a variety of sizes to ensure prompt delivery and we the sizes to suit your balustrading requirements. We are currently developing a range of raking glass panels that will suit most layouts of DIY staircases. If custom made panels are required, we can take templates for manufacturing however, there will be an additional cost for this service. The above menu buttons will further illustrate our high quality workmanship for both ranges of glass balustrading and the sizes and range of glass panels available.