DIY Balustrading System


2011 DIY Systems Gallery

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What is the Stainless Steel DIY Balustrade System? It is our new range of ready to go posts and accessories for balustrade in 316 grade stainless steel satin finish. Where can it be used? Both inside and outside. 316 grade stainless steel is the best corrosion resistant steel available, particularly when used outside and in coastal locations.  Like all products that are subject to the outside elements, if they are not regularly maintained they will deteriorate in appearance. Products that can be applied to prevent deterioration can be found at most good hardware stores. What are the features of the range?

  • 3 styles of posts available;
  • 40mm square post for top mounting;
  • 50mm round posts for top mounting (cover plate supplied);
  • 40mm square post for side mounting;
  • No welding or gluing required for the posts, they are ready straight out of the box to fit to the stairs;
  • Posts are available in 2 set lengths, one for the rake and one for the level. Length is measures from the bottom of the posts to the top of the saddle (when fitted);
  • The saddle (the part the handrail fits to) can be adjusted to suit any angle and even more importantly can be removed to make the fixing of the handrail easier;
    • 2 different balustrade options available that can be fitted to the posts;
    • Glass clamps for both the square and round posts to suit 8mm and 10mm glass.
    • Horizontal bars, the holders (for both square and round posts) and bullet ends; and
    • All parts are kept in stock for immediate delivery.

Horizontal Bar Design

10mm Glass Design

Installation Guide

Easy 6 Step Process

1.    Drill and fix post, level post both directions to the floor. Correct fixings must be used.

2.    Mark posts for holes and spacing.

3.    Drill holes to posts using 2mm steel metal drillbit.

4.    Tighten screw to post and attach bar holder or glass clamp.

5.    Fix bar holders using allen key tool, then slide tube over bar holders (note please allow low strength threadlock if necessary)

6.    Fix handrail to saddle and rebate accordingly, use threadlock to underside of neck to tighten with allen key.

Recently Completed DIY Balustrading