Bar Balustrades


Timber staircase with Fully welded Stainless steel bar balustrade;



Fully welded Vertical bar balustrade painted black on a steel spine staircase with Timber treads;


vertical bar 2 vertical bar 3 vertical bar 4 Vertical bar


Stainless steel bar balustrade with stainless steel handrail at a recent job in Fremantle.

“Just wanted to say that I was very impressed but the attitude of all members of your team who worked at my house. They did a great job and we are pleased with the staircase. The workers are a credit to you and Stallion stainless. Thanks for the suggestion of the bar balustrade, it looks fantastic. It’s been our pleasure to do business with you.”

IMG_2752 IMG_2756 IMG_2757 IMG_2758


Fully welded bar system to the internal stairs and low wall on the balcony;

fully welded 7 fully welded 2 fully welded 3 fully welded 5 fully welded 6 fully welded 4


Stainless steel bar balustrade with stainless steel handrail

first floor stairs top floop top view


Internal bar balustrade with timber handrail

P1000254 P1000255 P1000256 P1000258


Steel Spine Staircase with Bar Balustrade and 50 x 25mm Handrail.

steel spine w bar balustrade 1 steel spine w bar balustrade 2  steel spine w bar balustrade 7 steel spine w bar balustrade



Fully welded bar balustrade

Internal Bar balustrade with Timber handrail

External Bar Balustrade with square posts and Stainless steel handrail

External Bar Balustrade with Timber handrail

Bar Balustrade with Stainless steel handrail


Decorative Vertical Bar Design

Horizontal Bars in Mirror Finish

Low wall Bar Balustrade in Square finish

Low wall bar balustrade in round finish

Vertical Bar Balustrades on Timber Stairs


Curved Balcony Balustrade

Horizontal Bars with 38mm Square Posts and 50mm round handrails

Horizonal Bar Design with timber handrail

Low height Balustrade to balconies

Horizontal Bar Design

Horizontal bars with bar holders

Horizonal bars to coast


Horizonal Bars with Stainless Handrail


Vertical Style Balusters Core Drilled to Granite

Vertical Stainless Steel Balustrade with Timber Handrails

Vertical Bar Design Balustrade with Ornate Balusters

Horizontal Bar balustrade on Timber stair flooring

Horizontal Bar balustrade fully welded on a stallion staircase

Bars Horizontal Design Welded

Wrought Iron Balustrade

Horizontal Bar Design

Custom Staircase

Support Handrails For Commercial projects