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Perth Celebration Motor Car
Cottesloe Civic Centre
16 November 2014

Perth Home Show
Perth Convention and Exhibition centre
February 27th - March 2nd 2015

Perth Pool + spa outdoor living show
Claremont showground
7 - 8th March 2015

Perth Home Show
Perth Convention and Exhibition centre
21st - 23rd August 2015

2013 Better Living Home Show Awards

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Hiring Balustrade Fabricaters Now

We are currently searching for a skilled balustrade fabricator
for our Melbourne & Perth branches.

Applications Welcome!

Please Click Here To Apply

Balustrades, DIY Balustrading & Glass Balustrades

Stallion Stainless is Australia's World Class Supplier of Stainless Steel and Timber Balustrade Components

We manufacture and install DIY balustrades, glass balustrading and pool fencing. We are the first Australian staircase company which specialises in both stainless steel and timber all combined in one factory.

We can either manufacture and install or provide parts and hardware for stainless steel balustrading, pool fencing, DIY balustrading, DIY staircases, stainless steel wire balustrading, glass balustrading, timber staircases and handrails and other various staircase components.

Stallion Stainless has a reputation as a premier manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel and timber staircases which is based on exceptional service, quality and pride of workmanship.

If you are in need of a stylish looking DIY balustrade kit or glass balustrading for your home we can help. Please contact us today for more information. We also sell stainless steel fittings, Glass Pool Fencing and staircases.